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We just discovered GAPFRAME, a new data visualization tool developed by the Sustainability Thought Leaders group. As a national and global normative framework, it is designed to help businesses and other stakeholders “work towards a better world in a concrete and measurable way”. It does so by translating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) into relevant and measurable indicators for business. Presenting them visually through a multi-dimensional world map, it transforms the SDG’s into four sustainable dimensions: planet, society, economy, and governance alongside 24 issues and 68 underlying indicators. This tool “highlights the gap between the current state of the world and an ideal future state where all of us live well on one planet”. The idea is to help any country quickly move from its current state into a “safe space”.

To learn more about the GAPFRAME, check out this recently published article:

Muff, K., Kapalka, A., & Dyllick, T. (2017). The Gap Frame-Translating the SDGs into relevant national grand challenges for strategic business opportunities. The International Journal of Management Education15(2), 363-383.

GAPFRAME is making it easier for businesses to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals. Find out how in our latest blog.

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