2010: Governance for Sustainable Development: As if it Mattered?

View the videos from some of the leading thinkers across the country from the community dialogue hosted at Royal Roads University on January 27, 2007:

Dr. Art Hanson
The bio-economic imperative
Dr. John Robinson
The climate change imperative
Vicky Husband
The ecological imperative
Joe Van Bellenghem
The business imperative

Perspectives on Governance for Sustainable Community Development

Watch the videos from the meeting of leading sustainable development scholars,  mentors and fellows from the Trudeau Foundation[AF1] .

 [AF1]Include direct link to Trudeau Foundation

Monique Begin, Trudeau Mentor
What is the most important challenge in the issue of Canadian sustainable development?
Ann Dale, Trudeau Fellow
How do we translate research into practice?
What is the most important thing we can do for the environment or sustainable development?
Alain Desire Nimubona, Trudeau Scholar
Quelles actions devraient etre prises pour attendre des objectifs en developpement durable?
Jason Luckerhoff, Trudeau Scholar
Dans une perspective communicationnelle, pouvez-vous nous dire quelles sont les difficultees rencontrees en vue d'atteindre les differents publics au sujet des problemes environnementaux?
Arthur Hanson, Trudeau Mentor
Do we need a national sustainability strategy in Canada?
Do you think the north is really endangered by climate change?
David Boyd, Trudeau Scholar
What are the most important things we can do to confront our environmental challenges?
Fredrick Lowy, Senior Advisor to the President, Trudeau Foundation
Is there a link between health and the environment?
Prateep Nayak, Trudeau Scholar
How does your research relate to the topic of environmental sustainability?
Rebecca Pollock, Trudeau Scholar
How did you come to realise that community development is an important issue?
How do you see this research being translated into action?
Robert Huish, Trudeau Scholar
Why is environmental sustainability such an important policy issue?

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What is Sustainable Community?
A discussion on sustainable community development in Canada with Elizabeth May, former Executive Director, Sierra Club of Canada and Ann Dale, CRC Chair, and Trudeau Fellow.

Sustainable Communities



Social Change

An informal conversation with Yuill Herbert

Video Clip: Yuill Herbert

Ann Dale, Principal Investigator, in an informal conversation with Yuill Herbert, CRC Board Member and community activist. This 33 minute dialogue discusses wide ranging topics such as the meaning of community, governance and civil society, institutional change and finally, social change.

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United We Can, Downtown Eastside Vancouver
Led by Ken Lyotier, this street charity’s first business was the United We Can Bottle Deposit which opened in January 1995. It now serves thousands of inner city residents every month and recycles millions of containers each year.


Space, Economics & Community


Creating United We Can