Where is our humanity?

Many have been shocked by the latest IPCC report warning we have about 12 years to act or we will face dramatic irreversible climate change endangering life on earth as we know it. And now there has been another warning that the world’s wilderness areas are disappearing—77 percent of earth’s land has been modified by humans.

I have always insisted that my team provide solutions to any challenges we raise in our social media, and believe me, they are there, we have the science, the technology to immediately move to carbon neutral pathways tomorrow. And we have the ability. Why?

Last night I saw the new ballet, Vespers, which explores our relationship with the natural and spiritual words. If our species is capable of creating such wonderful art, then surely we can change the way we currently live with the planet and the space we give to the ‘others’. Let’s act now and begin the critical conversations about how to reconcile, (re)connect and (re)claim our relationship with the land; and (re)framing biodiversity imperatives through (re)design; collaboration; integration; strategic partnerships, and cross-sectoral government implementation. What is the good society?

— Ann Dale


Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash