SCI launches infrastructure costs and urban growth management guide!

Meeting the infrastructure needs of a rapidly growing population can often overwhelm the capacity of a city to pay for new infrastructure while maintaining its existing stock of roads, water and wastewater facilities, schools and other public facilities and services. Tackling these problems begins with local governments and their stakeholders and citizens making better choices on growth management – how, when and where a city should grow. One critical piece of information is often missing from the growth management puzzle is the impact on urban growth patterns of capital and maintenance costs of city infrastructure.

The Sustainable Cities International has created an infrastructure cost and urban growth management guide that takes practitioners through a step-by-step process of determining the cost implications of different growth scenarios for cities.

The guide has three core components;

  • an overview of important tools and concepts when considering urban growth scenarios for cities,
  • guidance of generating difference growth scenario sets for a city
  • and, an overview of how to undertake an infrastructure costing exercise for different scenario sets.

Click here to download a copy of this publication