Popularizing Research

Edited by Dr. Phillip Vannini of Royal Roads University, Popularizing Research describes methods of communicating research ideas by utilizing more that the traditional publications approach. The book is divided into nine parts (film, visual media and graphics, exhibits and installations, audio, periodicals, books and reports, dialogue, performance, and publicity), and, although each chapter is written through a unique voice and set of experiences, common elements are seen throughout the volume as to why an approach to communicating research was designed or selected. The language of the book deliberately avoids the use of esoteric terminology and is designed to be accessible to all students, researchers and practitioners involved and/or interested in social sciences and humanities.

Professor Ann Dale, head of our Community Research Connections program, contributed her experiences to the book by detailing her work with e-Dialogues. This chapter,e-Dialogues: Real-Time Online Conversations, discusses CRC's use of the internet in creating forums for discussion that can bring together students, researchers and practitioners from across the country. CRC research continues to use e-Dialogues in our work, and these conversations can be accessed from our archives page.