New Tool Assists with Community Energy Plan Implementation

The Community Energy Implementation Framework is a guide to help communities move Community Energy Plans from a vision to implementation.

This new open source guide, collaboratively developed by Community Energy Association, QUEST—Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow, and Sustainable Prosperity, was released in BETA today. It offers 10 strategies that provide insights, advice and a proposed path forward to foster widespread political, staff and stakeholder support. It also builds staff and financial capacity for implementation, and embeds energy into the plans, policies and processes of the local government.

Laid out in an easy to use online format, the Framework also includes an Implementation Readiness Survey—a self-evaluation tool intended to help communities identify areas of strength and weakness for implementation.

To take the survey, click here. To view the framework, click here. Or visit their website, Getting to Implementation, to learn more! 

Community Energy Planning Getting to Implementation in Canada