Learning for Sustainability

The Learning for Sustainability site - http://learningforsustainability.net - brings together resources to help us address and manage the social and capacity building aspects of public health, environment and other sustainability issues. This resource has been substantially revised and updated over recent months. It is a guide to on-line resources for researchers and practitioners interested in managing multi-stakeholder processes that support social learning and collective action. The site highlights the wide range of social skills and processes that are needed. It shows how these can be linked together, and structures these in a practical way. This brings links to several hundred annotated on-line resources together in one easy to access site.

Most pages have been expanded with new resource links added. Particular attention has been paid to expanding the sections on undertaking interdisiplinary and integrated projects and adaptation. Featured links to specific papers in these areas can be found from the July newsletter page at -http://learningforsustainability.net/newsletters/jul09.php

Other updated resource sections link to resources to support thinking and practice around managing complex systems, community resilience, and participation. A central guides, tools and checklists section provides practical guidance to help readers address issues involved in managing multi-stakeholder participation and engagement initiatives. Other site sections provide links to best and emerging practice in specific areas including social learning, adaptive management, integration, network building and mapping, dialogue, knowledge management, and evaluation and reflection. One page lists on-line resources for both post-graduate research students and their supervisors.

The LearningForSustainability.net site also manages additional sections on finding volunteering and job opportunities. These can be found from the main site index at http://learningforsustainability.net As with the rest of the site these sections bring links to lot of on-line resources together in one easy to access site, each link is annotated to provide a guide to its contents.