The Housing Treadmill: An article from CCCR

In Canada (and many other nations), the housing market has outgrown the wage structure to such an extent that even middle-class professionals cannot afford to live in the cities which they serve. The life energy people must expend and the debt required to afford a home in some parts of Canada forecloses ownership except for those with capital or those that got into the market years ago. We can do better, much better. By introducing and scaling existing innovations over time we can reduce household costs, build more inclusive communities, release resources for community investment and start restoring some balance

The Housing Treadmill is the final article in the i4 special series of articles, entitled Housing We Can Afford, produced through the Canadian Centre for Community Renewal. The crucial thing is to realize we are all in this together. We must think and act much more co-operatively and much less individually, for our own sakes, and for the sake of our planet home. After all, we have no place else to go.

Text created by the Canadian Centre for Community Renewal.