Health Care & Climate Change: Preparing Communities

The Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care (the Coalition) has released a Health Care Facility Climate Change Resiliency Toolkit, aimed at helping communities adapt their health care facilities to the risks posed by climate change. The Coalition recognizes that climate change presents particular risks to the health care sector, because of the increased likelihood of severe storms, wildfires, and floods, which could result in damage to, and increasing demand for, health care facilities. The Toolkit is designed to help health care professionals assess potential risks from climate change-related events and occurrences, hopefully resulting in a more resilient health care sector through better management of critical supplies, water and energy conservation, and local food procurement.

The Toolkit includes,

  • an Assessment Checklist to measure resilience in organizational areas,
  • a Facilitator's Guide powerpoint presentation for hospital officials,
  • and a Resource Guide with more information about climate change impacts on the health services sector.