GTI Announces New Milestones

Aerial view of a city

Community Energy Planning Getting to Implementation in Canada (GTI) Initiative is a multi-year national initiative that is empowering communities to take a leading role on energy, including innovative energy projects such as renewable electricity, district energy, biomass, landfill gas capture, clean transportation, electric vehicles and others. 

Today GTI released the Community Energy Implementation Framework and the Implementation Readiness Survey. The Framework is a web-based tool containing 10 strategies to help communities move their community energy plans from a vision to implementation. It is accompanied by an Implementation Readiness Survey which is a diagnostic tool that allows communities to identify their strengths and weaknesses with respect to implementation. 

Second, Methods for Measuring the Economics of Community Energy Plans: An Introduction for Community Energy Managers was released. This report, on methods for measuring the economic benefits of CEPs, is a companion to the publication Community Energy Planning: the Value Proposition. Its purpose is to help Community Energy Managers choose which economic analysis method is best suited to their community’s CEP approach, needs, and resources.

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