Energy Crisis: What We Need to Know

Peak Oil and the Future of Energy

Sunday, November 26, 2006 at 7:30pm
at the Centennial Theatre - 2300 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver

David Hughes, of the Geological Survey of Canada, delivers a thought-provoking presentation about energy production and consumption in Canada and the world. Presented by Mayor Darrell Mussatto and the City of North Vancouver, in partnership with the GVRD and Capilano College, Mr. Hughes will discuss how quickly the world¹s remaining energy reserves are declining, steps that must be taken to ensure a sustainable energy future and what this means for the residents of the Lower Mainland.

The presenter, David Hughes, is a geologist with more than 30 years experience studying the energy resources of Canada. Mr. Hughes¹ analysis of global energy issues has been presented to industry and government officials across Canada and the United States. For more information about this event please contact The City of North Vancouver or call 604-985-7761.

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