Research Curation Guide Now Published

Given the spread of misinformation online, it is incredibly important that academic research make a difference. However, it can often be difficult to make research engaging and visible to the public among the noise of the internet.

Over the last 18 months, Prof. Ann Dale has led a SSHRC Insight Development Grant along with Assist. Prof. Jaigris Hodson, Prof. Mary Bernard, and Assist. Prof. Hilary Leighton. Research Curation: Making A Difference explored how to improve and accelerate the mobilization and public take-up of academic research outcomes.

After conducting a series of research activities, including extensive social media and web communication experiments, a student survey on web use, a biodiversity conversation series, a RRU Library Showcase exhibit and more, they developed the new practice of research curation. Building upon contemporary museum and social media marketing best practices, it provides a framework for engaging audiences and presenting academic research outcomes online.

Their user-friendly research curation guide is now publically available as a web version or a downloadable PDF version. It not only details how to develop a digital communication strategy but also how to use two museum frameworks for creating engaging web content. It also shares social media best practices and lessons learned while outlining effective ways to reformat research outcomes into a selection of engaging media formats.