New Videos Released - "Degrowth: A Critical Juncture?"

Two new videos have been released on CRC HEADTalks featuring the keynote presentations of Dr. Robert Constanza and Stephen Huddart delivered at our March workshop, Degrowth: A Critical Juncture?.

Dr. Robert Costanza, Professor of Sustainability in the Institute for Sustainable Solutions at Portland State University, talks about delinking growth and progress, refocusing on sustainable human well-being, and what contributes to that well-being. Growth cannot continue indefinitely, we are not teenagers anymore, clearly, the world needs greater prosperity to a much larger fraction of the human population. Psychologically, growth in income has not contributed to well-being, society must recognize that our goal is not growth, our goal is well-being, and better measure of indicators for economic well-being. Even though GDP has been growing since the 1950s, the GPI (gross progress indicator) flattened out about 1975, and has not improved since then.

Stephen Huddart addresses critical questions of innovation and governance for rethinking growth, and the social and technological process tools that allow people to develop shared understandings of resource use, and look at a range of possible futures. Technologies, both visual and social process tools that allow visual economic modeling is critical, and how we can unlock resources in endowments, and aim to redirect their funds to mission based investment, seeking to achieve a blended bottom line, for investments in community infrastructure.


Dr. Robert Constanza on Growth and Progress


Stephen Huddart on Social Innovation and Growth