New Publication: Appreciating Values Diversity in Environment versus Economy Conflicts

Gold Mine image from The Solutions Journal Article
Image via The Solutions Journal

A new publication, entitled Appreciating Values Diversity in Environment versus Economy Conflicts, was published last month in The Solutions Journal. Co-authored by Drs. Holly Clermont, Ann Dale, Leslie King, and Maureen Reed, it explores the following key concepts:

  • Economy versus environment conflicts were rooted in values. Supporters of energy development projects generally prioritized values in pursuit of self-interest, while opponents emphasized values that care for nature and other people.
  • Goal-oriented terms such as public interest and balance meant different things to different people, splitting along values boundaries.
  • People with disparate values often had similar views, yet were unaware that they agreed on many issues. Areas of disagreement tended to rest on assumptions supported by verifiable facts on both sides.
  • Individual views were generally moderate, less extreme and polarized than media frames or organizational posturing had indicated. Weary of conflict, most people desired productive exchanges of ideas leading to agreement.
  • Conflicts may be diminished by recognizing the contributions of diverse values. Just as biodiversity is the crucial raw material for evolution in times of change, a range of values are required to integrate fossil-fuel and renewable energy economies en route to a sustainable future.


Clermont, H.J.K, Dale, A., King, L. & Reed, M.G. (2018). Appreciating Values Diversity in Environment versus Economy Conflicts. The Solutions Journal 9 (4).