New Case Study on Youth Entrepreneurship

Undoubtedly, currenty economic times are turmultuous.  High unemployment, stock market crashes...our societies are facing severe economic and social difficulties.  But, every issue contains opportunities to express innovation and ingenuity for overcome difficulty.  CRC Research has recently published a case study on the potential for youth entrepreneurship to emerge in Victoria in a manner that might increase the health of the local economy and transition business culture into that of a more diverse economic base.  Novel and innovative business ideas from upcoming generations might just be what is need to surface from economic turmoil.

The study contains analyses of results from youth focus groups and surveys conducted by the Community Micro Lending Society of Victoria during the development stages of thier youth micro-credit program. The study utilizes these analyses and results from interviews of local business/employment authorities to determine what societal factors might be conducive or counteractive to facilitating youth innovation and entrepreneurship.