Multi-functional Spaces - New video release on HEADTalks

Created through a partnership between the Community Research Connections program and students of Royal Roads University's Professional Communications program, this HEADTalks video explores the roles of multi-functional spaces in communities, specifically by 'unpackaging' the multiple functions of urban community gardens. Multi-functional spaces integrate multiple uses or functions in overlapping time and space. They contribute to economies of scale through sharing of resources, i.e., physical infrastructure, and provide access to diverse uses in one place, thus contributing to a community’s vitality. In addition, multiple amenities offered by through these spaces appeal to diverse community members, including activists, artists, academics and social entrepreneurs, allowing them to act as a forums for creating connections and providing opportunities for collaboration across traditional boundaries.

This video was created as a complement to research done in the multi-functional spaces theme of the Solutions Agenda project.