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Issue 16, June 2013

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Solutions Agenda

Climate Action Agenda

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Welcome to Issue 16 of the Community Research Connections Newsletter

We participated in four panels at the recent Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences - on climate change adaptation and mitigation, social media, the School of Environment and Sustainability research at Royal Roads University, and science, policy and society. I would particularly like to thank my colleagues, Kevin Hanna from UBC Okanagan and Lucie Edwards from the University of Waterloo for their participation.

We have just wrapped up phase one of MC3: Meeting the Climate Change Challenge in BC, and I wish to highlight my co-researchers, John Robinson and Stephen Sheppard from UBC, Meg Holden and Mark Roseland from SFU, as well as our 12 research partners who were so instrumental in making our research outcomes policy-relevant and applied to the real world.

Have a great summer.


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Multi-functional Spaces - Solutions Agenda e-Dialogues

Tune in to our third e-Dialogue of the Solutions Agenda, June 19th, 10:00am - 12:00pm PDT or 1:00pm - 3:00pm EDT. Multi-functional spaces integrate multiple uses or functions in overlapping time and space. This conversation brings together leaders and planners behind three Canadian innovative multi-functional spaces with the CRC research team.

 The research panel includes:

Prof. Ann Dale, Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Community Development, Royal Roads University
Shona Fulcher, Manager, Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) Spadina
Kim Mushynsky, Chief Administrative Officer, Village of Port Clements
Gary Hiscox, Former Manager, Granville Island
Rebecca Foon, Planner with Sustainability Solutions Group
Yuill Herbert, Co-Director, Sustainability Solutions Group
Rob Newell, Research Associate, CRC in Sustainable Community Development program

Sign into our e-Dialogues by visiting the webpage:

We would appreciate if you would share this announcement widely with your own networks and your students on our behalf.


A Climate Action Agenda for BC Decision-Makers

Released May 2013, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation: An Action Agenda for BC Decision-Makers, describes the cutting-edge research outcomes of MC3 and provides 10 recommendations on how to stimulate more community innovation and implementation of climate change adaptation and mitigation.

We have also released a two-page summary that captures the key aspects and recommendations of the Agenda, and we encourage you to share this summary among your networks, and with elected officials.


Latest Video Release

Our most recent HEAD Talks release, The Bigger Picture, explores the relationship between carbon footprint and income. Created through partnership between Community Research Connections and the University of Alberta, the video shares outcomes and ideas from research conducted by Kennedy, Krahn and Krogman, examining this relationship in the context of individuals and households of Alberta. However, insights from the research are applicable beyond Alberta, and the video concludes with a systems approach on how individuals and communities throughout North America (and potentially elsewhere) can reduce carbon footprints.



"It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed"

- Charles Darwin

Earlier this month, academics, researchers, policy-makers and practitioners gathered at the 2013 Congress of the Humanities and Social Science to share research and ideas. Events like this remind us that innovations and break-throughs very rarely happen in isolation. Social innovation is inherently collaborative and these kinds of gatherings are hotbeds for new ideas and solutions to some of society’s critical public policy issues.


Share your community's story of sustainability with us.

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Please tell us what is working and how you are overcoming barriers to make a sustainable plan a reality



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