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Solutions Agenda

First Solutions Agenda e-Dialogue

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Announcing the Solutions Agenda

foodsecurity.jpgHappy New Year, and we are kick-starting a new research project, The Solutions Agenda. This project is led through a researcher / practitioner partnership between my Chair and the Sustainability Solutions Group (SSG) and will explore innovative solutions to the key sustainable development issues we are all facing. I will be moderating the first e-Dialogue next week that explores our first theme over the next two years - food security. Please join us as we bring together our research team with key leaders of innovative initiatives and projects that are making a critical difference to changing our current development pathways.

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The Solutions Agenda

The Solutions Agenda is a two-year research project conducted through a researcher / practitioner partnership between the Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Community Development program, and Sustainability Solutions Group, Yuill Herbert and Rebecca Foon. The project connects the research team with key actors from leading-edge case studies around the following issues — food security, multi-functional spaces, energy security, innovative policy development, the cooperative movement, community engagement, rural revitalization, mental health, the future of work, spatial justice, and waste. Eleven real-time on-line dialogues (e-Dialogues) will be led over the next two years, beginning this month and ending December 2014. The final outcomes of this project will be published case studies on particularly innovative initiatives, and a Solutions Agenda publication (January, 2015), a document that compliments two previous policy documents — A Policy Agenda for Canadian Municipalities (2011) and the Action Agenda for Rethinking Growth and Prosperity (2012).


Food Security - The First of the Solutions Agenda e-Dialogues

Join us and tune in to our e-Dialogue, January 14th, 1:00pm - 3:00pm PST or 4:00pm - 6:00pm EST, for our first conversation. Food security, as defined by the World Food Summit of 1996, exists “when all people at all times have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life”. It is an essential component of sustainable communities and food locality contributes to community resilience by reducing vulnerabilities to exogenous shocks. This conversation brings together leaders of innovative food security initiatives with this particular research team to discuss innovative solutions for equitable access to diverse and sustainable food systems.

There will be an e-audience forum that allows you to post your questions to the research panel, post your comments and share your ideas.

This session will be moderated by Professor Ann Dale, Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Community Development, and the research panel includes:

Prof. Ann Dale, Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Community Development, Royal Roads University
Chad Lubelsky, Executive Director, Santropol Roulant
Danielle Nierenberg, Co-Founder, Food Tank: The Food Think Tank
Dr. Patricia Ballamingie, Founding Board Member, Just Food, & Professor, Carleton University
Micheal Ableman , Co-Founder, SOLE Food
Rebecca Foon, Planner with Sustainability Solutions Group
Yuill Herbert, Co-Director, Sustainability Solutions Group

Sign into our e-Dialogues by visiting the webpage:

We would appreciate if you would share this announcement widely with your own networks and your students on our behalf.


Recent HEAD Talks Video Releases

As a compliment to the ongoing publication of the Meeting the Climate Change Challenge (MC3) case studies, HEADTalks has recently released several videos. The first is an animation showing the political gridlock resulting from the debate on climate change, illuminating the challenges and potential consequences of not being able to move past this gridlock. The second features MC3 Research Associate, Dr. Sarah Burch (Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability, UBC), discussing the concept of a 'development pathway' and what it means to transition to a more sustainable development pathway. The third features MC3 Research Partner, Victoria Smith (Manager of BC Hydro's Aboriginal & Sustainable Communities sector), discussing the importance of community engagement. The most recent features Dr. Azim Shariff of the Culture and Morality Lab (CaML), University of Oregon, discussing the moral imperative of climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Another video, created through a partnership between the Community Research Connections program and students of Royal Roads University's Professional Communications program, is a silent film about the limits to growth.


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