Charter of Rights and Responsibilities for the Environment

Professor Ann Dale created the Charter of Environmental Rights and Responsibilities in 1992 as an inital task when building and developing the Sustainable Development Research Institute (SDRI) at UBC with research colleague, Dr. John Robinson. The Charter details 13 principles that are fundamental in approaching a world of sustainable communities and lifestyles, and each of the principles link rights with responsibilities, with the right to live in and enjoy a healthy planet come the responsibilities of maintaining this health.  These principles provide guidelines for those beginning to establish themselves in their place in the world and also serve as a reminder for those who already have lived and experienced decades of life on this planet.

Two decades after its inception, the Charter of Environmental Rights and Responsibilities has been placed into an interactive map and this map has recently been released on the site.  We created this online device to use modern communication methods to express these principles and guidelines as they are as vital to the well-being of the world now as they were twenty years ago.  As you explore the map, think about our progress over the last twenty years, how has our society performed over the last couple of decades in terms of approaching a sustainable exisence and which of our responsibilities we have fallen short on?

You can access the interactive map by visiting its page within CRC's Sustainable Communities reseach project.