BSDE—A New Relationship between Biotechnology, Sustainable Development and the Economy

Canadians face a future that will be defined by change, with many new economic opportunities, and with a growing need to build a satisfactory relationship between the environment and development. Over the past three decades, opportunity has frequently been associated with new technologies, especially ITC (information technology and communications). More recently, biotechnology has been highlighted as a potential source of long-term economic, social and environmental benefits. Proponents suggest biotechnology can be a means to help Canada meet its sustainable development objectives, such as reducing greenhouse gases, improving water quality and reducing the use of pesticides. It could also provide employment and income opportunities through new value chains in agriculture, forestry and other natural resource sectors, savings for industry through greater material- and energy-efficient manufacturing, and health benefits through reduced environmental pollution.

This study has been prepared by an Expert Working Party on Biotechnology and Sustainable Development for Canada’s Future Economy (BSDE). The Working Party reports to the Canadian Biotechnology Advisory Committee (CBAC). The study is the first comprehensive effort undertaken in Canada to examine biotechnology prospects in relation to sustainable development.

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