December 2013

Sustainability Illustrated

Sustainability Illustrated is a recently built YouTube channel that aims to make concepts and ideas on sustainability clear, comprehensible and attractive through animation. Director and creator, Alex Magnin, is using his years of experience as a sustainability consultant with businesses and communities to build these videos, and his artistic ability to connect with the public sphere through visually appealing media.

Cooperatives and Sustainability: An investigation into the relationship

Last month, the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) held their annual conference in Cape Town. One the presentations at this conference included reporting on the results of a partnership project, between Community Research Connections and the Sustainability Solutions Group, that investigated the relationship between the cooperative model and sustainable development.

Spaces and Flows - New HEAD Talks video

We have just released a new video on CRC HEAD Talks. This video was a presentation made to the recent Spaces and Flows conference in Amsterdam, on November 23, 2013. Professor Ann Dale, Dr. Lenore Newman and Rob Newell explore what makes a place special, how people move through a space, what makes a person keep coming back again and again. The dynamic interplay of place, space, and time is examined through the video's imagery and flow.