January 2011

New Community Vitality Project Launched

This research project is a continuation from the first five-year Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Community Development (CRC) and is based on what we have learned from the first five years. Place matters deeply to Canadians, but we lack the ability to see the aggregate impacts of the scale of our activities, the meaning of limits and how to sustain critical biodiversity in our communities. How do communities become more vital in all these aspects?

National Round Table Releases Climate Change Report

The National Round Table just released a report, worth reading, on climate change, containing new economic modelling and analysis assessing whether Canada should lead, lag, or harmonize policy approaches with the United States and the consequences of doing so. Although it doesn't argue for a carbon tax, it is at least a step forward from our current policy of doing nothing and keeping our heads in the sand.

New Case Study Published

A new case study on Malmö, Sweden examines the city’s sustainable urban development initiatives and climate change strategies. This case highlights how Swedish municipalities are uniquely designed to meet the needs of their communities when they have access to the necessary funding and political support for local projects.

Please come share your thoughts and views in response to the strategic questions at the end of the case.