Mark Mitchell

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Private Company
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Vice President and Director
Keen Engineering Co. Ltd.
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green buildings energy saving efficiency engineering

Mr. Mitchell has always supported finding innovative and more energy efficient ways of designing buildings. In 1984, Mr. Mitchell was the recipient of the Canadian Consulting Engineers Award of Merit for an innovative heat recovery system that resulted in substantial energy savings over conventional system design. He now chairs the Canada Green Building Council - Toronto Chapter, established to help transform the building industry in North America.  In 1990, Mr. Mitchell developed a green “decision making matrix” to assess the application of Green Engineering to the Body Shop Headquarters which began the green building movement in Ontario.  Mark was instrumental in the development of the Quality Assurance standards for engineering firms in the province of Ontario, and was the past Chairman of the Association of Consulting Engineers in 2000.  Mark is a frequent Charette leader and speaker on Green Engineering including the OAA Professional Development Seminar on Greening of the Health Care Facility May 2001.

Mark’s recent specific relevant experience includes many new sustainable design features that are dramatically improving the quality of buildings. Examples include:
• Concordia University Integrated Complex, Montreal, QC
    - 600,000 ft2 Engineering and Fine Arts Building
    - Green Engineering Design including:
       - Daylighting strategies
       - Natural Ventilation strategies
       - Assessment of double façade and access floor
• Bahen Information Technology Centre – University of Toronto. Under Construction.
    - 330,000 ft2 Information Technology Centre c/w 5000 ton central cooling plant and
       waste heat recovery system off central steam plant.
• SCAET – The Sheridan Centre for Animation and Emerging Technologies at
    Sheridan College. Completed August 2000.
    - Underfloor displacement ventilation in Lecture Auditoriums.
• IDRC Call Centre – Buffalo, New York. Completed December 1999.
    - 18” Underfloor air supply system and control zoning for a single 70,000 ft2 floor
• 372 Bay Street – Keen Office. Completed in 1998.
    - Advanced office retrofit – Downtown Toronto
    - 8” Underfloor air supply system
   - Operable windows c/w hot water radiant heat.
   - 100% natural daylighting.
   - Indirect lighting – two level switching
• Body Shop Canadian Headquarters. Completed in 1992.
   - Retrofit of existing 60,000 ft2 printing press building
   - Water Source Heat Pump System
   - Wastewater Infrastructure including “Living Machine” and backup system and
      monitoring design.