Wildlife Crossing Database Platform: Description of the tool and summary of researcher/practitioner feedback

Robert Newell
Nina-Marie Lister
Ann Dale
Safe Passage


The wildlife crossing database platform (WCDP) is online tool that can be used to upload, access, and explore data on wildlife crossings in North America. The WCDP website is currently in a beta phase, and the beta version is only accessible to registered users; however, the intention for the next version of WCDP is to have some aspects open to the public. The purpose of having both registered users and (some) public access is to create a tool that can meet two needs for landscape connectivity planning: (1) information sharing among practitioners, and (2) public engagement. The features and website pages of WCDP are described in this report.

The Wildlife Crossing Database Platform was developed as a part of the Safe Passage: Towards an Integrated Planning Approach for Landscape Connectivity led by Nina-Marie Lister, Ryerson University