Spaces, Places and Possibilities: Model explorer and visualizations

Robert Newell
Ian M. Picketts
Spaces, Places and Possibilities


This report details the development and evaluation of tools for communicating the outcomes of the Spaces, Places and Possibilities community scenario modelling exercise, namely an interactive model explorer and scenario visualizations. The report begins with a summary of the community-based approach used for modelling potential social, economic, and environmental outcomes of different development pathways, or scenarios, for the community of Squamish. It then describes two tools for communicating the outcomes and implications of the model and community scenarios: (1) a "model explorer" that provides an online interactive interface for engaging with the model, and (2) realistic, immersive 3D visualizations that are experienced from the first-person perspective. The final sections discuss feedback given on these tools by Squamish community members through a focus group and an open house event. The open house was held after the focus group, and the report also discusses how the focus group feedback informed refinements of the model explorer and visualization tools prior to the open house event.