You Get the Government you Deserve

Every time an election rolls around, we end up hearing the same question: How do we get the youth out and voting? Voter turnout by the youth demographic has been described as “dismal”, “sparse” and even “non-existent”. Many claim this is due to a general apathy amongst young people in general, or a lack of understanding of the importance of the democratic process as a whole.  I would argue that this is not at all the case, but that younger people just aren’t connecting with the unchanging voting process, which is still very much analog in a digital world. Young voters today are using social media and online resources to form opinions, make statements and be heard. Logically, it follows that in an age where politicians’ Facebook pages have more followers than a televised debate receives viewers, the whole concept of “voter turnout” and the election process, could, and should, be turned somewhat on its head.  Voting apps are a recent innovation, already at work in the U.S. The Canadian version, created by Matthew Heuman out of Concordia University, aims to connect Millennials (as well as all other voters) with a simplified, streamlined way to access information about ridings, polling stations, and important dates and times. In a world that goes a mile a minute, where young people are often juggling professional, social and educational obligations, having the ability to make responsible and informed decisions in the palm of their hands and on the go, could make all the difference between “maybe next time” and “today’s the day I make my vote count”. Check out #CHEERS2VOTING.



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