The Time to Act is Now

2014 is on track to break records as being the hottest year yet. Global temperature readings indicate that we’re on track for the warmest worldwide temperatures since we started keeping records in 1879. September 2014 has been the warmest to date, with an average temp of 15.7 C. Though it may come at a great cost, in the form of expected worldwide drought and severe weather patterns, this is a very important piece of the puzzle when it comes to getting the world to recognize and address climate change. Although many speculate that the phenomenon known as “El Nino” will contribute to a “warmer, shorter, winter” this year, it is undeniable when you look at the overall warming patterns see so far, that Co2 emissions and poor global energy planning have had a real impact. This is type of hard data that should be the focus in future energy and development planning all around the world, but especially in those nations who are the biggest contributors to climate change.

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