Stepping up to the Plate

More and more people are now stepping up to the plate in novel ways. Jared Leto has joined forces with the Sierra Club, Environmental Media Association, RYOT (a virtual reality studio), to take viewers on a virtual tour  Alaska’s melting glaciers, in an effort to shed more light on the issues being faced by communities and landscapes so negatively affected by climate change. The virtual reality aspect is innovative, but also a very smart move with a message all its own, as it eliminates the environmental impacts that location based filming can incur. The video supports the #ActionParis social media movement, lending its voice to the many who are calling for action and change from their leaders over climate change leading up to the UN climate summit in Paris . The involvement of more and more ‘celebrities’ in novel partnerships may lead to a worldwide movement leading to a carbon neutral economy by 2050. Check out this other initiative, Pathway to Paris

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