One Small Step to Change the World

There is nothing like the chorus of many voices coming together as one. There is no power more impactful than the unification of people all over the planet, in support of a very worthy cause. This Sunday, the 21st marks the largest worldwide mobilization for climate change in history. It’s called the People’s Climate March, and it has already received extensive media coverage, as well as massive amounts of support on an international scale. The members attending the UN climate summit next week will be presented with coverage of the event, in the form of videos and photographs from supporters.  This is an irreplaceable opportunity to have our opinions and ideas heard by some of the top leaders responsible for the policies that will shape the future of climate change action and debate. As we all know, every voice matters, and every effort can help make the changes and waves necessary for meaningful progression towards a more sustainable world. I strongly encourage everyone to be a part of this important step getting the world's decision makers to step up to the plate for climate change adaptation and mitigation. Please follow this link to view an inspiring video about the event, and click here to find out where you can go and lend your voice to the movement in person.

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