A New Year

As a very wintry weekend approaches in the East, and there is less sunlight in the West, it becomes important to find ways to fight off seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Without taking away from the recent tragedies in France, there is always another violent, negative, or sensationalist news story around the corner; they pop up on our news feeds, invade our television screens, and dominate our forums. It is so very important to nurture a sense of positivity and peace within us, important tools we must draw on to face the challenges of building better, more sustainable and innovative futures. This is my proposal: I suggest that we unplug from our equipment, go outside everyday for a walk, and search for positive, uplifting news for one whole week. Feel free to bookmark several of these links, this oneanother, or seek out some happy happenings on your own. Share them with family and friends, and take the time to let the light in.



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