Moving Forward Finally!

While it is important to remember that the climate change agreement between the United States and China should be viewed as only a first step in combating what is a very global issue, we must remember to keep a positive momentum surrounding this hot bed issue. It has become a part of our nature to be cautious and analytical when it comes to the workings of our governments and the promises they make. However, we should ask ourselves why there was so much focus put on the possible pitfalls and/or negative and disappointing outcomes, when the crux of the matter is that two of the world’s leading powers have acknowledged and begun to treat climate change as a forefront issue? The reaction of some of the top scientific minds studying all angles of the issue is one of cautious optimism, and they agree that although there is much more to do, the agreement contains some very practical and obtainable long term objectives. Let us remember that in order to expect more from our elected leaders and demand better when it comes to global political action on climate change, one mustn’t abandon positive language or forget how to celebrate the small victories. We are building a better future, one hopeful brick at a time.

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