A Media Climate Leader

The Guardian’s campaign to take a stand on climate change has got people talking. Hundreds of thousands have organized, and governments and industries all over the world are seeing the value (and the profit) in rapidly expanding investments in the potential of solar energy and other renewables. The Guardian has also helped a push to get groups to divest out of coal, oil and gas; In fact, 43 nations and over 400 organizations have made promises in that vein. All this, as it leads up to Paris, can be seen as positive momentum for change, especially if it serves to further encourage nations to seriously commit to keeping the vast majority of fossil fuels underground.

Here is another link that shows which countries are doing the most to stop global climate change. Unfortunately, the world's climate pledges have a long way to go to reach a 2 dgree limit recommended by the IPCC. With the December talks very much around the corner, and in spite of the recent  very tragic events in Paris, we must continue to encourage hope over fear. Although there is much to fear if we can’t co-operate in working towards innovative climate solutions globally , it is the spirit of inclusiveness, solidarity and the hope for real, positive change that will ensure we will be successful.


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