Greater Climate Action

This interesting article talks about the problem with climate doomsday reporting and how to move beyond it, in a series of interviews by Desmog Canada. To read the article on-line, click here or to download it, click here. Here are three steps to move beyond despair to hope and action.

1. Positivity ratio of 3:1

It’s really important to understand that it’s not just about facts and numbers, but having a way for people to interpret them and know there’s something they can do,” says Kari Marie Norgaard, associate professor of sociology and environmental studies at the University of Oregon.

2. Include the broader picture, the social sciences

By focusing only on the science, without any attempt to contextualize it in broader social or political actions, people are disempowered.

3. Framing the issue is critical

How you frame an issue can help people conceptualize new ways of thinking and doing.

How do we move beyond climate doomsday reporting? Find out what compels people to action.   The Banker by Jason deCaires Taylor.

The Banker, by Jason deCaires Taylor. Image via DeSmog Canada. 

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