The Good Society

The Global Apollo Program is a 10 year project to make renewable energy cheaper than fossil fuels through internationally coordinated and publicly funded research into renewable energy technology. It has attracted celebrity endorsements from the likes of Sir David Attenborough, and has a community of investors and backers as diverse as fossil fuel executives, economists and energy ministers. The program focuses on securing more public funding for research and development. They believe the program will save billions in future costs, such as subsidies and the cost of dealing with the ramifications of dependency on fossil fuels. Former energy secretary Ed Davey and climate scientist Sir Brian Hoskins state that: “The plan requires leading governments to invest a total of $15bn (£10bn) a year in research, development and demonstration of clean energy. That compares to the $100bn currently invested in defense research and development globally each year.” They have several interesting ways of meeting their targets (some of which include development of efficient clean energy storage, and an end to the extraction of fossil fuels), and they hope to augment this by spreading the message through both governmental and social networks.

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