A Game-Changer for Green Energy

Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation in the Yukon has become a joint-equity partner with Eavor Technologies Inc. in generating a new kind of green energy. Described as a game-changer for geothermal heat, this technology harnesses the power of heat naturally produced by the earth. Named ‘Eavor-Loop’, this system doesn’t rely on fracking like traditional geothermal energy. It also doesn’t require the use of water nor does it produce greenhouse gas emissions. According to CBC News, “it circulates a proprietary fluid that collects heat from below the earth's surface in its 2.5-kilometre loop”. The president of the Carmacks Development Corporation said this new technology doesn’t add anything or take anything away from the landscape. It has a very small footprint. Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation is located along sedimentary basin, which is suitable for this technology. They expect construction to begin early 2021. The system, which can be used almost anywhere, could generate 3 megawatts of electricity

Northern Lights in the Yukon. Image by Leonard Laub via Unsplash

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