Eliminate Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Moving towards a carbon neutral economy requires a first major step to open up space for even more climate innovations. This article argues that world leaders should stop directing some $600 billion a year to fund fossil fuel subsidies instead to renewable sources and speeding even great take-up of innovation.

Even the more conservative magazine, The Economist, has been calling for the elimination of these subsidies for the last three years. The Solutions Agenda we developed in partnership with over 50 dedicated Canadians from across the country also recommends this immediate first step.

There is so much to be done and scientists from across the country have produced a detailed roadmap showing how to move forward now to the new carbon neutral economy. All we need is government leadership to stop edging forward, and leap forward.

A first major step towards a carbon neutral economy is eliminating fossil fuel subsidies.

Image via Changing the Conversation

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