Edging Forward: The Biodiversity Imperative

This week the world mourned the death of Sudan, the last of his kind: a male northern white rhino, kept in captivity for his own protection. Now the survival of this subspecies depends upon his daughter and granddaughter, and the development of new reproductive technology. More alarming is the loss of 10,000 species a year, and I believe that biodiversity loss is now our key imperative, perhaps even more than climate change. For more information, please visit our biodiversity resource library and listen in to our last biodiversity conservation.

One of the chapters in my latest book, Edging Forward, entitled Beauty and the Beast talks about the loss of diversity, besides biological, of language, and even our stories. Two questions we should ask is “how much, and in what ways, are we losing critical biological diversity? How has one story, that we can continue to grow our way out of our problems, come to so dominate our thinking?"

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