Did you know that Texas is a leader in solar and wind energy?

Did you know that Texas is a leader in solar and wind energy?

The importance of framing an issue determines whether or not it is adopted by both the left and right. And when an issue is framed as left or right then allows polarized opposition to position it as a zero sum game.

Texas has three times more wind, solar and battery storage under construction than California. The Energy Information Administration, a federal agency, predicts that this year the share of renewables in Texan power generation will for the first time exceed that of natural gas.

There are some important lessons here. The first is you do not have to believe in climate change to support renewables. World and solar are increasingly competitive sources of energy, help reduce electricity costs, foster entrepreneurship, and are a critical player in the energy sector. So, keeping it simple, and branding as clean energy, rather than green energy, and emphasizing their contribution to cutting air pollution rather than carbon emissions, and recognizing the role that natural gas has to play in power generation for years to come might accelerate their adoption.

Photo by Mick Haupt from Unsplash

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