Cheap, green, cooperative

Car sharing co-operatives are a wonderful way to reduce greenhouse emissions in both urban and rural areas, and as well build more social capital in your neighbourhood or community. The movement has been steadily growing in popularity and participation in recent years.  Most companies in the industry have an environmental motivation, and employ the most efficient vehicles they can. Still, many question the low numbers of electric vehicles in their fleets. Sadly, the reason for the low number of EVs available is a lack of infrastructure. This article describes how several Fraunhofer Institutes are coming together to implement exciting new technology that will hopefully change the industry in the best way. Imagine having access to a vehicle that is connected wirelessly, is capable of returning energy to the grid, and can be charged remotely? If we make it clear to our local governments that planning for this kind of sustainable infrastructure should be on their short and long term radar, we can have greater transportation modal choices, critical to increasing a community's sustainable development. It fundamentally comes down to political leadership at all levels, a carbon neutral society is no longer an impossible dream, it is possible now.

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