A Call to Action

 I recently came across this article, entitled Prophetic visions can rouse politicians from complacency to save the planet. It presents several concrete examples of how some of the current economically based arguments against environmentally proactive changes are being refuted. It also addresses the fact that many of the scientific ideas and attitudes against the human impacts on our changing climate are losing serious clout. While this is welcome news, and articles like this one are a joy to read and share, it begs the question: If things are finally changing for the better, and the top minds and political powers are coming together to address climate change with renewed hope and vigor, what can each one of us do to make a difference?
To better involve ourselves in what hopefully is a global movement for immediate action on climate change adaptation and mitigation, make your voice heard at all levels. Ask the manager of your local supermarket why it doesn't carry more local products. Ask questions of your local politicians, make them accountable for inaction, make sure they’re doing their utmost to implement new ideas, and are arguing for legislation in support of proactive climate change policies. It is crucial that we collectively get behind the positive momentum this call for immediate action by some of the most powerful sectors of society and make our voices heard in the debates leading up to the next federal election.

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