Boomers Let's Get Moving

I haven't seen the picture of the child yet, the young refugee lying dead on the beach, but I just heard it on the CBC news. It brings back the picture of the young girl in the Vietnam war. I hadn't thought of this myself, but I am now going to to look into sponsoring a Syrian family. As my research shows, we seldom act until we perceive a crisis, well, we now have a human crisis, and boomers, let's get moving. Each of us could sponsor a family, so what are the next steps to galvanize a Canadian humanitarin response?

1. We need church leaders to come together and create a task force to help us mobilize community resources.

2. We need the military to offer logistical and organizational expertise to assist in this mobilization.

3. We need the federal government to create a fast track process for refugee admittance.

4. We need boomers to open up their hearts and sponsor a family, especially as so many of us are starting to downsize and looking for ways to give back to society.

5. We need young people, students, to volunteer help us help even more.

So, just as we started a social revolution in the 60s, let's start a humanitarian movement now so that more children do not have to suffer the indecisions of governments.

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