Beauty and Seduction

I got up very early this morning, around 5:00 a.m. and have been watching the light come up through the trees, the blue of the sky begins to emerge, looks like it will be a beautiful day here at the lake. Having the privilege of living by a lake in a forest, makes me pause for reflection, makes me slow down in ways that I can't in a city. How much we take for granted, until it is gone, and some things we cannot afford to take for granted, the worms, the pollinators that are so essential for life.

This video, on pollinators, shows the importance of the "little things in life", we are dependent upon pollinators for 1/3 of the fruit and vegetables we eat. The beauty of their world is shown in lovely clips from the film, Wings of Life.

I wonder how much we as individuals risk by losing our seduction with the natural world. And is there a way to reintroduce this back into our cities? Through street videos, through art playing on the walls of our built environment? Maybe Robert Bateman would have some ideas on this, must ask him?

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