Asking the Right Questions

Matthew Hoffman, co-director of the Munk School’s Environmental Governance Lab, argues that we need to transform society and internalize climate change awareness and concern into our day-to-day lives. For example, in the same newspaper this past Saturday there was an article talking about the tragedy of Hurricane Harvey and in another, advertising the “best back to school” car, none of which was electric or hybrid.

This disconnect between what is happening on a planetary scale and our day-to-day choices has to be closed. As Hoffman states, “This is obviously not just about cars. We have to understand that climate change is not a separate issue from most aspects of everyday life. Climate change is everyday life and decarbonization has to become a part of that.”

A very good research question and one we should be addressing is how to inculcate climate change action into our daily consciousness? Meanwhile, the world is changing’, recent data by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests the top-growing job classification over the next nine years will be solar photovoltaic installers.