Changing the Conversation

Human beings are storytellers, we develop and define our meaning and purpose through our stories. However, the global dominance of one story (constant economic growth) has shrunk the space for civic dialogue and excludes many other perspectives. We need to re-enlarge existing civic space, and create a new way for sustained dialogue, and engaging diverse people in what is important for our communities. Some argue we have yet to begin the critical conversations, while others argue there have been ongoing discussions over many decades that have not been heard. We now live in a world of connected shared fates and we need to understand the new meanings of this for human society.

Changing the Conversation is an open source highly experimental space that will be made widely available to practitioners, non-government organizations, civil society groups, researchers, the private sector and communities to either join or start a conversation. We anticipate opening the site up to all publics in a year or so. Governed by the principles of Socratic dialogue, this space will have the capacity to host virtual real-time e-Dialogues and lead virtual peer-to-peer learning exchanges through the use of the most modern Web 2.0 technologies. In addition, it will serve, as a repository for learning, best practices, tools and methodologies—a collaborative space to learn from each other, share insights and practices, and collectively build more sustainable communities.

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