The Time is Now

Right now is the perfect time to share feedback with our federal government, especially when it comes to basic income. To identify poverty reduction strategies in Canada, they are calling on the public to submit ideas on how our various levels of government can address this issue. They are also encouraging Canadians to join the conversation by sharing personal experiences with social support programs.

Carrots and Sticks

Charging for plastic bags at grocery and retail locations was predicted to be a huge drawback for businesses when it was implemented in some countries. The stats we have today show that not only is that not the case, and in fact most people readily either embraced re-useable bag use, or leaned to re-use older plastic ones. The reality is that it’s not only that some people want to save the environment, it’s that most people want to save their hard earned dollar.

Permaculture and the City

This presentation shows how by integrating five permaculture districts into the City of Guelph's official land use plan can lead to a sustainable food system, while at the same time, increasing the physical beauty of the city, and probably reducing greenhouse gas emissions?  Imagine combining vegetable and herb gardens, roof gardens, patio & balcony gardens, greenhouses and SPIN farming (backyard bounty).

The Good Society--Hedonistic Sustainability

Did you know that 97% of homes in Copenhagen have district heating? Listen to architect Bjarke Ingels talk about the design challenge, how to build units sustainability with architectural alchemy and public participation, create spontaneous social encounters, and a public service market place. How do we take the symbol of the problem and turn it into fun--a CO2 smoke ring? How does a power plant in Copenhagen include a park and a man-made mountain for skiing?

2015, A Vision for the Future

We recently produced this video, a vision for 2015 for sustainable community development. I deliberatively chose 2015 because I believe we have enough information, enough science to act now to achieve this dream, what is needed is political will. Just imagine if we had a Federal Government that had the courage to implement a policy of virtually zero waste in the private and public sectors by 2015. How much innovation would that spark in our industrial leaders?