Sustainable Hospitals Discussion Paper

Highlighting sustainable hospitals and strategies that contribute to enhanced community development while making recommendations for future action.

CRC Discussion Paper Series, Number 7
Sustainable Hospitals and Enhanced Community Development

Chris Strashok, Ann Dale, Yuill Herbert & Rebecca Foon Greening Canadian Hospitals

The purpose of this discussion paper is to highlight the ways in which the healthcare sector could be leaders in implementing ways of operating sustainable hospitals while at the same time contributing to enhanced community development. This paper provides an overview of the environmental impacts of the sector and of the Canadian medical community’s recommendations for a green policy framework. It then provides a scan of four provinces, British Columbia, Ontario, Nova Scotia and Quebec, describing the policy initiatives each government has implemented, followed by some of the leading edge practices in the implementation of sustainability strategies and plans, both by individual hospital leaders and organizational innovation in each province.

The examples of sustainable hospitals in this discussion paper are by no means exhaustive and we encourage you to make this document a living document by contributing your initiatives and contact information to the working copy of this document found in Google Docs.

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