Ecosystem Based Management Discussion Paper

Simple lessons for ecosystem-based management and life

CRC Discussion Paper Series, Number 5
Ecosystem Based Management discussion paper

Jennie Sparkes Everything I ever needed to know about Ecosystem Based Management and living I learnt in Kindergarten

Management of ecosystems requires a complex balancing of social and economic interests with dramatically changing ecosystem characteristics. While the balancing of these social - economic- ecological systems can seem daunting to anyone, the principles needed to live in balance with such complexities are quite simple. We can draw the lessons needed for ecosystem based management and life from Robert Fulghum’s 1988 book, ‘Everything I ever really needed to know I learned in kindergarten’. While his lessons are simple; now, just as in kindergarten, the challenge is for us to live them!

"Somewhere between birth and adulthood the message has been lost that we are all responsible for the well being of this planet and it is not just the ‘ecosystem managers’ we hire who are responsible for stewarding ecosystems."