Direct Farm Marketing in Canada

Exploring direct farm marketing as a unique business model for implementing sustainable community development in Canada

CRC Discussion Paper, Number 1:
Farmers Markets and Sustainable Community Development

Yuill Herbert Direct Marketing in Canada

Direct farm marketers are a unique business model, in that they are on the front line of implementing sustainable community development. They gain satisfaction in providing their customers with fresh farm products and in many cases an experience with the local landscape and reconnection with the land. Customers who buy farm direct also appreciate the quality and freshness of seasonal produce and in the majority of cases, the associated health benefits. They appreciate learning about where their food comes from and how it is produced. And through their patronage, customers are helping to support and maintain sustainable community development.

This case study considers different direct farm marketing strategies employed by thirteen different farms from across Canada. Direct farm marketing strategies considered include cooperative marketing, market stands, agri-tourism, farmer’s markets, community supported agriculture, restaurant sales, and e-commerce. These case studies are evaluated qualitatively through the lens of sustainable development.