Ann Dale

Dr. Ann Dale, Principal Investigator,
Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Community Development,
School of Environment and Sustainability,
Royal Roads University.

Ann DaleDr. Dale is a rare hybrid, both an academic and an activist. Currently she is engaged in two major research initiatives at Royal Roads University. First, she is leading the e-Dialogues for Sustainable Development, a series of online dialogues exploring critical issues using the power of the internet to influence public policy. Second, she is working on exploring the relationship between social capital and sustainable community development.In 2001, she received the Policy Research Initiative's Outstanding Research Contribution Award for her most recent book, At the Edge: Sustainable Development in the 21st Century.

From 1993 to 2001, she was a Senior Associate with the Sustainable Research Institute at UBC, where she led a major women and sustainable development conference in 1994. In addition, Dr. Dale created and continues to edit a Sustainable Development biannual book series, and chairs the Canadian Consortium for Sustainable Development Research (CCSDR).

As an activist, she has been involved in the creation of a 30 million dollar people's trust for the environment, called the National Environmental Treasure (the NET). She is also Executive Coordinator of the Research and Public Policy Office of the Canadian Biodiversity Institute.

Prior to 1993, Dr. Dale was an Executive with the Federal Government of Canada where she had the privilege of working on many innovative and exciting assignments on behalf of the government such as: the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency in 1987, the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy in 1988, two of the Neilson Program Task Forces (Regulatory Reform and Natural Resources), the D'Avignon Commission and the Anti-Inflation Board.