CRC Meta-analysis

Why are some communities resilient, adaptive and innovative in the face of change,
and others are not?

What is the relationship, if any, between resilience, innovation, anticipatory governance, sense of place
and sustainable development?

We explored these questions through an in-depth analysis of the concepts and ideas emerging from the CRC case studies and e-Dialogues. The relationships between the concepts and ideas are complicated and dynamic, thus we explore them through interactive visualizations that allow the user to control, manipulate and isolate variables from the data to tease out insights and meanings of the greatest interest.

We will begin releasing visuals every two months that explore the dynamic relationship between place, anticipatory governance, resilience and innovation over the next few months.  We will then prepare publications summarizing research outcomes and connections of the CRC theoretical framework.

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Place, Innovation, Resilience and Anticipatory Governance


These visuals explore the relationship between the CRC research themes of anticipatory governance, innovation, resilience, and place.  Each square shows how much a concept contributes to a particular theme, visually depicting this by dividing the theme by relative area. Data used for the figures were derived the case studies and e-Dialogues conducted over the ten year CRC Research program.


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Angus, D., Rintel, S., & Wiles, J. (2013). Making sense of big text: a visual-first approach for analysing text data using Leximancer and Discursis. International Journal of Social Research Methodology, 16(3).